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Partnering made easy with Channeliser  

Channeliser helps you build a better, more engaged community or channel

Why have your own group on Channeliser

  • Build a more engaged channel of partners by empowering them to interact with you and each other and share content and ideas.
  • Nurture potential partners until they are ready to take the next step and target them with focused communications
    • Create Loyalty and better interaction by empowering partner-to-partner engagement and increase business opportunities  

Premium Groups

Group ownership allows you to establish your own community within Channeliser (this can be public or private) allowing you to work more closely and to engage and interact securely with your community or partners.  Channeliser groups offer rich content, communication and messaging and the tools you need to build engagement amongst your partners. 

Concierge Service

We can support your channel development with everything you need to drive community engagement and channel success. Engaging partners and channel recruitment can be hard on your own - so help is at hand through the Channeliser Alliance partners, a network of channel marketing experts who provide advice, guidance and hands-on assistance. 


Learn skills with the Channeliser University - coming soon!  The Channeliser University offers a range of resources to help with your partnering GTM (Go to market Strategy). There is training, coaching and advice on partnering in the IT industry and guides on best practice for channel development as well as 1:1 demo's on how to achieve your channel goals using Channeliser.  

What type of companies are using Channeliser Groups 

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

ISVs who wish to build a simple partner portal simply and easily (no customization required). More effective management of all your partners, in one place, with tailored messaging and shared content. 

Growth Vendors

For vendors looking to find and nurture new partners in new Geos. Or build a community off partners and improve partner interaction and engagement. Do more, better, with the partners you already have.


Distributors wanting to close the loop between vendors, VARS and themselves; enabling them to interact with one another, exchange ideas and information. Another way to communicate to partners.

Trade Associations

Trade Associations looking to build better interaction within their communities and to help their members work and collaborate with one another. Another way to communicate to your audience. 

Solutions for managing your communities with skilled service partners 

Engage an Expert to help you make the best use of the tools available.  Channeliser has partnered with experienced and skilled marketing and channel management experts to help deliver a Concierge service to Channeliser customers. From reviewing your current state of partnering to providing guidance and hands-on assistance to help you grow and engage your partner community. For community owners that need to build a hot pipeline of potential partners we can bring expertise and resources to bear to provide a comprehensive program of assistance including social content generation and marketing outreach to help build a flourishing sales channel. 

Run your own small group
  • The ISVs' Partner Portal
  • Enable partners to interact 
  • Easier management and messaging
  • Prices start at $150 per month
  • Up to 15 companies

Growing community
  • Portal for recruitment campaigns
  • Empower "Partner-to-Partner" 
  • Content sharing and engagement
  • Prices range depending upon the number of companies that join.
  • £350 pm for up to 35 companies.
  • £550 pm for up to 55 companies 

Build your own secure network
  • Run Multiple Groups
  • Secure Private interaction
  • Segment by common interest groups

Prices depend upon the number of companies in your network.      Prices start at just £750 pm.

Create your own community and integrate
  • Extend your Partner Portal 
  • Drive more traffic to you portal
  • Customize and embed 
  • Better partner profiling

Interested in running your own community?

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Build your own community on channeliser

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